At Muhlenberg, I teach a range of courses across the major that reflect both the scientific foundation and the clinical applications of psychology. In each class I teach, my goal is to facilitate the process of change and transformation for each student and for myself. For students, the process might result in more nuanced understanding of issues, deeper self-reflection or a shift in career aspirations. Whatever form it takes, I continue to be surprised and amazed at the transformations I have seen in students across more than 20 years of teaching.

Meanwhile I have been profoundly changed by my students over the years. They have been a source of inspiration and have challenged me to think differently about learning and the world. This is why I love teaching; each class is a unique journey where all parties grow together. My role as a teacher is to provide the scaffolding for meaningful changes to occur and to create an atmosphere that encourages students to challenge themselves in new ways. I want students to embrace moments of uncertainty. I want them to approach difficult challenges when their initial impulse is to avoid them.

Courses Taught:

PSY-101: Introductory Psychology

PSY-103: Psychological Statistics

PSY-104: Research Methods in Psychology

PSY-240: Abnormal Psychology

PSY-330: Developmental Psychopathology

PSY-341: Psychological Assessment

PSY-485: Mindfulness Intervention Research Seminar

PSY-490: Advanced Research in Psychology